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Revealing Study Shows Most Servers Talk About Customers Behind Their Backs

A new study reveals that food service workers aren’t always as nice as they may seem.

The study, published in Human Performance last month, claims that 72 percent of food service workers make fun of customers behind their backs, 65 percent make customers wait longer to be served their food, 11 percent increase their customers’ credit card tips without permission, and six percent will tamper with their customers’ food.

Reports say that 438 food services workers, including waiters, waitresses, bartenders, cashiers, hosts, and managers, were interviewed for the study, which was authored by Emily M. Hunter and Lisa M. Penney of Baylor University and University of Houston.

“Food service employees generally do their best to provide a positive experience for customers,” said Penney. “However, they are human too, and the strain of dealing with extremely rude, demanding or difficult customers can manifest in ways that do not benefit customers.”

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The study goes on to say that many food service workers act the way that they do because of the tough demands of the job combined with some difficult customers.

“The laborious emotional demands of these positions make it difficult for an employee to maintain positive emotions while managing any negative emotions they may experience on the job,” said Hunter. “We hope this article is just the beginning of a line of research that digs into the motivations behind negative employee behavior toward customers.”

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