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Study Shows Maturity Age Difference Between Men and Women

While it is a commonly known fact that men mature slower than women, a new survey shows what the actual age difference between men and women really is in regards to maturity.

According to researchers, the average age men are when they reach maturity is 32. 

The study was commissioned by Nikelodeon UK, who was curious to find out if men ever stopped acting childish.

They looked at female-defined maturity markers like driving responsibly, eating silly food, cracking jokes and laughing at toilet humor as indicators of immaturity.

Researchers found that at age 42, men have completely stopped engaging in childish behaviors, at least compared to their younger years.

Nikelodeon VP Tim Patterson said, "As a man, especially one who works for a children's channel, the question if men ever reach maturity is one I am well accustomed to. However, as the characters Wendell and Vinne show in our new program, a difference in maturity between two people definitely makes for an amusing partnership."

Women who were surveyed also complained that men did not like to talk about feelings or relationships, they tended to wear childish pajamas, and played video games too much.

Half of the women said they have acted as the "mother" in a relationship and 30 percent admitted to dumping a partner for not acting mature enough.

Sources: Inquisitr,Escapist Magazine


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