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Study: Louisiana Drivers Worst In America

According to a statistical survey published Monday by auto insurance website, Louisiana is home to the worst drivers in America.

The survey took the number of deaths, citations for traffic signal and seatbelt violations, citations for drunken driving, citations for careless driving and moving violations into account. Each statistic was taken from 2011 and 2012, and broken down into ratios per 100 million miles driven.

As a result, Louisiana came out on the bottom. The sstate’s liberal alcohol policies, DUIs were not the cause of Louisiana’s low score, but rather its residents’ failure to obey citations and incidents of careless driving.

The results are somewhat unsurprising, considering Louisianans pay the highest car insurance premiums in America.

Following Louisiana on the list of states with the worst drivers was South Carolina, Mississippi, Texas, Alabama and Florida.

The safest states to drive in are Vermont, Utah, New Hampshire, Minnesota and Oregon.

Interestingly, the top 10 worst states to drive in were largely Southern states. The report noted that these statistics may have something to do with public transportation availability.

"For example, a small state with a major urban center, like Massachusetts, will have lots of residents,” the report read. “But many of them won't be getting behind the wheel, which helps skew the numbers in their favor.”

The study can be found here.

1. Louisiana

2. South Carolina

3. Mississippi

4. Texas

5. Alabama

6. Florida

7. Missouri

8. North Carolina

9. Montana

10. North Dakota

51. Vermont

50. Utah

49. New Hampshire

48. Minnesota

47. Oregon

46. Maine

45. Connecticut

44. District of Columbia

43. Iowa

42. Massachusetts

41. Alaska

Sources: Yahoo, NBC News


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