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Study Finds No Link Between Crime And Immigration

A study conducted by the University of Buffalo has found no link between immigration and a rise in crime.

On the contrary, the researchers found that many places that had witnessed an increase in immigration saw either stagnant or decreased crime rates, Science News Journal reported.

The findings revealed no increase in assaults and a decline in serious crimes, such as burglary, larceny, robbery and murder, in areas with high immigration rates.

Robert Adelman, associate professor of sociology at U.B., said that the study, along with other investigations, showed little to no evidence for the suggestion that immigration is linked to a rise in crime. However, he stressed that the study did not allege that immigrants do not commit crime.

The study was based on data from 208 metropolitan areas in the U.S. Researchers used census data and crime reporting information from the FBI for the period 1970 to 2010.

The research was published in February, just weeks before President Donald Trump gave a speech to Congress in which he focused in part on the victims of crimes committed by immigrants. Trump announced the creation of an office to record such crimes.

The office will be called the Victims Of Immigration Crime Engagement office.

"I have ordered the Department of Homeland Security to create an office to serve American victims," Trump told Congress, according to CNN. "We are providing a voice to those who have been ignored by our media, and silenced by special interests."

John Kelly, Secretary of Homeland Security, ordered the redirection of any department funds being used to advocate for undocumented immigrants to fund the VOICE office.

VOICE has been mandated by Trump to issue quarterly reports "studying the effects of the victimization by criminal aliens present in the United States."

Trump invited four people whose relatives were allegedly murdered by undocumented immigrants. Jamiel Shaw's teenage son was killed by a gang member living in the U.S. illegally, while the husbands of Susan Oliver and Jessica Davis were police officers. An undocumented immigrant has been charged with their murders.

Susan Oliver was accompanied to Trump's speech by her daughter, Jenna.

"To Jamiel, Jenna, Susan and Jessica: I want you to know -- we will never stop fighting for justice," Trump added. "Your loved ones will never be forgotten, we will always honor their memory."

Democratic Sen. Tammy Duckworth of Illinois was not impressed with Trump's plan.

"Especially this VOICE program, I find horrifying," she said. "And for him to bring guests who suffered such tragedies, but to use it as a political point when it comes to undocumented immigrants, is sad. I wish he would have -- he touched on DREAMers a little bit -- but really no real discussion about he was going to go about doing this other than build more walls."

Sources: Science News Journal, CNN / Photo credit: Mike Pence/Twitter via Wikimedia Commons

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