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Study Finds Absent Fathers Create Sex-Crazed Daughters

The research team at Texas Christian University, Fort Worth, recently conducted a series of five surveys that led them to conclude that the amount of interaction a father has with his daughter affects her involvement in sexual behaviors.

Sixty four heterosexual females were asked to “remember and write about a time that their biological father was absent for an important life event, or write about a time that their father was physically or psychologically present for an important life event.” 

The results seemed quite conclusive. Danielle DelPriore, the team’s lead researcher, said that "there is an abundance of research that shows when a father is absent that their daughters have accelerated sexual development, promiscuity and sexual risk taking."

Specifically, the team found that any “reminders of dad’s psychological or physical absence increased women’s sexual thoughts, sexual permissiveness and negativity toward condom use.”

DelPriore points out there is a changing view of sexual behavior within society. This, however, does not provide a full account as to why some girls are more sexually promiscuous than others.

“As a society we are quick to point the finger of sexualization of young girls at the media,” she said. “Although researchers have demonstrated the effects of popular media influence on girls’ tendency to view themselves as sexual objects, an abundance of research also suggest the robust effects that other environmental factors have on girls’ accelerated sexuality.”

Sources: MSN Now, Newswise


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