Study: African-Americans Discriminated Against by Waiters

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The Daily Mail reports on a new study of waiters in North Carolina, published in the Journal of Black Studies, which says that 38.5% admit to treating customers differently based on their race. 

Many of the waiters, a large majority of whom were white, said that black people were less polite and less generous in tips.

Of 200 servers at 18 different restaurants in North Carolina, 90% said they had made or heard racial comments from other servers.

The study said 52.8% had seen their co-workers discriminate against African-Americans.

Sarah Rusche, a Ph.D. candidate in sociology at NC State and co-auhtor of the study said: "Many people believe that race is no longer a significant issue in the United States. But the fact that a third of servers admit to varying their quality of service based on customers' race, often giving African-Americans inferior service, shows that race continues to be an issue in our society.’


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