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Study: 1 in 3 Middle-Schoolers Uses a Smart Phone for Homework

A new survey, commissioned by the Verizon Foundation, states that about a third of middle-schoolers now use smart phones or tablets for homework.

The national survey of 1,000 students, in grades 6 through 8, found that 39 percent use smartphones for homework, 26 percent use smartphones at least weekly for homework and 31 percent use tablets for homework, reports the Christian Science Monitor.

29 percent of those with household incomes under $25,000 use smartphones for homework. Hispanics and African-Americans are more likely than whites to use smartphones for homework, at 49 percent, 42 percent, and 36 percent.

88 percent of all middle-schoolers said they are not allowed to use smartphones for learning purposes in school and 68 percent said the same about tablets.

Schools and teachers are struggling to keep up with students’ interest in technology. For some, concerns may be that teens are distracted by games or using technology to bully other kids.

Some teachers may not have the confidence that they can master the new technology. Such restrictions on technology use are even more common among low-income students, the survey found.


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