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Studies Show More People Moved To Texas In 2014 Than Any Other State

New reports show that in 2014, many Americans opted to leave the Northeast and head towards the warmer Texas weather.

Some may be surprised to find out that last year, Texas had a net gain of nearly 2,000 families, which makes it the tenth year in a row that the Lone Star State has taken the top spot for incoming residents. The report from Allied Van Lines shows that the top five states that people chose to move to in 2014 were Texas, Florida, Arizona, South Carolina, and Colorado, and the top five states people chose to move away from were Illinois, Pennsylvania, New York, Michigan, and New Jersey.

“Trends demonstrate a heavy movement toward warm-weather, retirement-friendly states,” Lesli Bertoli, vice president of Allied Van Lines, said in a statement.

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In similar reports, both Atlas Van Lines and United Van Lines showed similar gravitation towards warmer climates and cheaper cost of living. Atlas’ study also had Texas taking the top spot, but United’s study put Oregon in the top spot, South Carolina in second, and Texas taking seventh.

Still, all three reports seem to show that more and more people in colder, more expensive states are packing up and heading for warmer temperatures and cheaper taxes.

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Sources:The Blaze, Daily Mail / Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons


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