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Teacher's Messages To Students Go Viral (Photos)

A New Jersey elementary school teacher's attempt to inspire her students before a big test has gone viral on social media.

Chandni Langford is a fifth grade teacher at Evergreen Avenue Elementary School in Woodbury, KTRK reported.

Her students were getting ready to start four days of Common Core-aligned tests on May 9, so Langford decided to do something to help motivate them.

Langford wrote personalized messages on each student’s desk.

“I know this is the first time you are taking this test,” she wrote on one student’s desk. “Use all the tools, and grow your brain!”

“Learning is your superpower,” Langford wrote to another student. “Remember, never stop trying, and never stop growing your brain.”

Langford ended each message with the hashtag “#growthmindset.” Photos of the messages were shared on Facebook by the school district and quickly went viral.

The post was shared more than 18,000 times, with hundreds of people praising Langford for her efforts.

“Mrs. Langford.. I don't know you... I live in Palmyra, NJ and our schools are PARRC testing as well,” wrote on user. “My kids are in 7th and 2nd grades. What you did for your class was AWESOME.. BRAVO.. HAT'S OFF to you!!!”

“Mrs. Langford, this is brilliant! What a way to motivate your students,” wrote another. “Why weren't you my teacher? I love you for this! You deserve an award and more teachers should model this approach.”

Sources: KTRK, Facebook / Photo credit: Woodbury City Public Schools via Facebook

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