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Students Trick School IT Tech Kevin Eckstein into Pursuing Imaginary Teen Girl on Facebook

Two students at New York's Cinema School, located in the Bronx, suspected that Kevin Eckstein, a school computer technician, was "creepy" so they set up a sting to bust him.

The 16 year olds set up a fake Facebook profile for a teen girl named 'Sarah Archer' to trick Eckstein into asking her out, reports the New York Post.

Eckstein reportedly told the teen girl that she was attractive, invited her to visit him and asked her to dinner. The exchanges between the father-of-two and the imaginary girl took place over several months.

One of the teachers at New York's Cinema School overheard the teens talk about the sting, the school launched an investigation and Eckstein lost his job.

One of the students told the New York Post: "It started out as a little joke. People used to say things about him and I wanted to see if it was true. I never intended for him to get fired."

Eckstein said he was the victim of a prank: "When I discovered in the conversation after two days that she was 16, I ended contact with her. I blocked her."

"Two kids out of the whole school who didn’t like me attempted to talk to me on Facebook and it created a buzz within the school and it led to an investigation. It ended and I left the school."


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