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Students Take To Twitter To Express Frustration With Michelle Obama Over School Lunches

Students across the country are expressing their frustration with their school lunches on social media, and most of the blame is being placed on the nation’s FLOTUS.

Michelle Obama’s primary interest since taking on the role of First Lady has been to help people get healthier and stop the rise of obesity in America, and one of the ways she’s chosen to do that is by reforming school lunches in America.

Since her new school lunch program began, however, students have taken to social media to express their frustration with the seemingly lackluster meals they’re getting at school.

“We have a bunch of crap everyday for lunch,” wrote one student on Twitter.

“I bet prisoners eat better food!” noted another student.

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Most students who’ve expressed their frustration online have chosen to use the hashtag “#ThanksMichelleObama”, and some have posted pictures of their lunches for proof that the food they’re getting is “gross.”

Back in 2012, the Michelle Obama first rolled out the reformed school lunch program and mandated that schools across the country follow health standards that include minimum fruit, vegetable, and whole grain servings as well as specific sugar and fat contents.

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Despite complaints by students, senior policy adviser for Nutrition and executive director of Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move!” campaign Sam Kass says that many students actually do get good, healthy lunches.

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“We’ve seen thousands of examples of healthy, delicious school lunches that meet the new standards being made across the country by talented school chefs,” said Kass to the Standard Examiner. “Student complaining about school lunch is nothing new — it has nothing to do with the new lunch standards.”

Sources:Daily Mail, Standard Examiner / Photo Source: Daily Mail


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