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Students Suspended For Posting Teacher's Mug Shot On Instagram

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A few middle schoolers found themselves in hot water after posting a picture on social media.

Earlier this week, three middle school students from Tennessee were suspended after posting their teacher's mug shot on Instagram. 

According to Fox News, the teacher, Tiffany Jackson, had been arrested for driving with a suspended license. After discovering Jackson's mug shot, a group of students put the image on Instagram, where one boy reposted it. 

That boy's mother questions the decision made by the school to suspend her son. 

Shanna Richardson told WMC5 that her eighth grade son was given a three-day suspension from his Memphis school after posting his teacher's mugshot to the photo-sharing site. She does not believe the school's reaction was justified.

"It's public information, put it that way," Richardson said. "You can see it on social media or you can see it in a magazine."

Though her son apologized to the teacher and even deleted the post, he was still suspended.

District officials claim that the incident was an "inappropriate use of electronic media."

A spokesman from the school said that the students’ suspension was changed to just one day, and that they were not punished for posting the photo online.

"The reason they received disciplinary action was not because they were sharing the image on social media," the spokesman, Christian Ross, told Fox News. "The reason was because they were using district computers -- not personal cell phones -- to access inappropriate websites and content not related to the lessons that day."  

Source: Fox News / Photo Credit: NY Daily News


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