Students Suspended For Decorating School With American Flags, Paint (Video)


More than a dozen students were suspended for a patriotic prank that took place on Monday at Red Wing High School in Red Wing, Minn.

The students wrote "USA," “IN GOD WE TRUST,” “All we want is PEACE,” and “Class of 2014” on doors, windows, sidewalks and even on a school skylight. They also put small American flags outside the school as part of their Homecoming Week (video below).

Senior Bryce Reps told CBS Minnesota that the students used "red, white, and blue streamers, small American flags and erasable paint" as part of the "prank."

Reps told the Republican Eagle, "It’s being called the Winger Tea Party. It's patriotic retaliation on the part of the kids for decisions by the administration."

Apparently this "prank" and "retaliation" goes back to Sept. 11 of this year when the school did not celebrate the anniversary.

That's when Reps wrote a letter to the Republican Eagle complaining about the school's decision to forgo the moment of silence on 9/11.

To make up for it, the students wanted to call this past Monday "Merica Day," but the school wouldn't go for that.

“That’s why we wanted a National Pride Day instead of a reference to a ‘South Park’ cartoon,” said Red Wing Schools Superintendent Karsten Anderson.

The students were told they could dress up, but some of the seniors went further with the decorations and got a five day suspension.

In addition to the paint, graffiti and American flags, Anderson said forks and spoons were found in the lawn of the high school.

Sources: CBS Minnesota and Republican Eagle


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