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Students Suspended in Alaska; Knew About Gun in School

Three Alaska high school students face one-year suspensions for failing to notify anyone after learning that a fellow student brought a gun to school.

The Anchorage Daily News reports that on September 29, a student brought a gun to Randy Smith Middle School in Fairbanks. The school was locked down and the student who had the gun was caught.

Howeve,r three other students knew about the gun and didn't tell school officials.

"Having a gun on campus is completely unacceptable, and any student who has knowledge of a gun on campus has an obligation to tell an adult," schools superintendent Pete Lewis said.

So in addition to suspending the gun-toting student for a year, the same punishment is being given to the other students. At least one of them has hired a lawyer to fight the suspension.

"Lots of kids knew about this gun," attorney Michael Kramer told the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner. Kramer said that while those other students lied about having knowledge of the gun and weren't punished, his client was raised to tell the truth and is now labeled a "dangerous kid."

Kramer said his client told him that the boy with the gun was authorized to carry it for self defense because he claimed someone had recently fired on him.


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