Student's Starbucks Complaint Backfires Big Time


A college student's complaint against Starbucks blew up in her face this week.

The student, Huixin Yap, said she felt “disrespected and humiliated” when she stepped out of a Starbucks for 30 minutes and returned to find her belongings moved off of her table. When she confronted management about the move, she got a lecture about how it was rude to leave her belongings at the table for so long when she wasn't there. Yap wasn’t a fan of either move.

Here is her full complaint along with Starbucks' response:

The majority of people who came across Yap’s post seemed to side with Starbucks. Jeslyn Ho, who read the story on The Straits Times, says Yap had no right to be upset.

“Wow you occupy the seats without any consideration for other users and now complain that the staff put away your staff and lecture you? Why are you upset? Don't you know it's wrong?,” she wrote. “So this is how we bring up the next generation? 'I can be wrong but you don't have the right to reprimand me'... We as parents should really look at the way we bring up our kids... I didn't know that nowadays the younger generation thinks they are above law and order...”

Facebook commenter Basil Yeo feels the same way.

“Haha,” Yeo wrote. “Starbucks tells it like it is!! Self-entitled kids…Zzzz.”

Starbucks posted a message thanking everyone for their support.

“At Starbucks, we want our space to be a welcoming environment where everyone can enjoy their coffee with friends and family,” the company’s post said. “It is your place as much as ours. We will continue to do our best to connect with any customer to seek their understanding on extended usage during the weekends and busy periods.”

Source: The Straits Times

Photo Credit: Isa & Parisa, Huixin Yap/Facebook


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