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Students Say High School Allowed 3 Rape Victims to be Bullied (Video)

Friends and family members of three teen girls, who attended Norman High School, claim that a 18-year-old student raped all of the females on separate occasions in Norman, Okla.

The group told Jezebel that the victims included two 16-year-old girls and one 14 year old.

They also provided a video (below) of the alleged rapist telling a friend on Sept. 20 about one of the rapes that happened on Sept. 19.

"She was asleep," the alleged teen rapist stated. "She was, like, incoherent. Like, you could not talk to her at all... And I was just like, all right, get on your knees. And she did. And I just f------ the s--- out of her, man. It just happened. She was passed out. I pulled her little tiny-ass shorts she had to the side and I just fucked the s-- out of her."

The alleged rapist was kicked out of school, not for rape, but for circulating a video of the actual rape (described above) of the victim.

The Sept. 19 victim's mother claims that her daughter was bullied by classmates about the assault, but she was told by a Norman High School administrator, "Maybe you should keep her out of school until this calms down."

The mom said that when she took her daughter to the Norman Police Department on Sept. 20, the first cop they spoke to was a woman who "was really uncool. She didn't give us the right advice."

The mom claims the female officer told her and her daughter, "Well, because she already took a bath there's no need to go to the hospital for a rape kit."

The other two victims claim they were also bullied at school.

"I'm scared," the 14-year-old victim told Jezebel. "I know I'm not safe if I go back now. I just want to get my education and be happy at school and live a normal life."

All three victims have left Norman High School.

"There is an active investigation, yes," Norman Police Department Detective Ron Collett told Jezebel. "There is one suspect and multiple victims."

Sophomore Danielle Brown and several other girls, who attend Norman High School, recently announced their intention to walk out of school next Monday in support of the victims, noted The Oklahoman (video below).

“On Monday, Nov. 24, at 9:20 a.m. we will walk out of school to protest the treatment by the Norman High administration of multiple known rape victims, who were physically threatened, harassed, and bullied out of our school,” Brown said on Thursday.

Norman High School Principal Scott Beck said he will allow the students to participate in the walk out, however, the school has no legal way to stop them from walking out.

The female students have started “YES ALL Daughters” Facebook and Twitter pages in support of the three girls who were allegedly raped.

Sources: The Oklahoman, Jezebel


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