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Students Kicked Off School Bus for 'Gun-Like' Toy

Yet again students are in trouble for bringing a "gun-like" object onto school property. This time, two students in Palm Coast, Fla., were escorted off their bus after the Flagler County Sheriff’s department was notified that a gun was on board. The bus driver pulled over in order to report the students to local authorities.

It turns out the students had a pair of “confetti 6-shooter” toys, which shot out colorful pieces of paper. The students were bringing them to Buddy Taylor Middle School to celebrate a friend’s birthday. After the students were removed from the bus, the route continued as planned. There’s no word on the students' fate yet.

According to the Flagler County school district’s website, the school’s security level has not been elevated since the incident.

This comes less than two months after a different Florida middle school actually faced a serious gun threat. Four students at Brownsville Middle School were arrested Sept. 24 after two loaded weapons were found on campus. One of the students who was arrested was a sixth-grader. 

Miami-Dade Schools Police Lt. and spokesman Raul Correa told CBS4: “This is proof of our 'see something, say something' initiative. Earlier today we had officers out at school doing random metal detection searches, and some juveniles started saying some classmates possibly had weapons. We uncovered two loaded firearms.”

An anonymous student at Brownsville Middle School told reporters: “A boy in school was waving around the gun, and someone told the principal about it. He wanted to show a friend his gun. I was frightened.”

Though the schools are in different parts of the state, authorities actively try to prevent harm to students by addressing even potential threats – including confetti guns on the bus.

Sources: News13, CBS4 (Image via Flagler County Sheriff’s Office)


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