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Students Fly Confederate Flag at School, Outrage Follows (Video)

Some students at Blue Springs High School displayed the Confederate flag, raising the ire of parents and students in Missouri last week.

“This boy was in the lunch room and put the Confederate flag on his back as if he was Superman or something,” student Sapphire Ray told KSHB (video below).

“[An assistant principal] took the flag from him and when he walked away, the kid said an inappropriate word and he said, 'I still have it on my hat,'” added Sapphire.

A Confederate flag was also draped over a balcony inside the high school.

Confederate flag-waving students claim they're celebrating history, but most students see the flag as a symbol of racism.

“They said that it doesn’t represent racism to them but you know the controversy over the flag," an unidentified student told KSHB. "It’s okay for you to put it on your truck or whatever, but keep it at home for you to show it and bring it to school is inappropriate."

According to, school principal Dave Adams sent an email to parents that read:

A student displayed a Confederate Flag at school yesterday. That incident was addressed immediately. Rumors, which we have not found to be credible, have swirled around social media regarding the possibility of conflict related to this incident. We plan to have a normal day of school tomorrow with a heightened awareness of potential issues related to this situation and wanted you to be aware.

Sources: KSHB and


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