Students In China Allegedly Beat Their Classmate To Death Because They Were Bored


A group of 11 students between the ages of 9 and 13 allegedly beat their 8-year-old classmate to death in an attack in the city of Zhangjiakou, China. 

According to the Daily Mail, the students reported to local police that they decided to kill the boy because they were bored. The group of students reportedly attacked their victim in the street, beating him up and leaving his body beside the road. 

The boy, named Zhang Tai, was taken to a local hospital but ultimately declared dead after suffering severe bruises and head injuries. 

Tai’s family has suggested that their son was a victim of bullying from other children at school and in the neighborhood. Tai’s grandfather, 67-year-old Zhang Kuo, claimed that the boy had been playing in the yard when he was asked to go with a group of boys because “they promised not to beat him any more if he agreed to go with them.”

“My grandson told me that he had to call the boy ‘Big Brother’ and that whenever he wanted someone to follow him he would either threaten them, or if he couldn’t threaten them would provide them with food from his father’s shop. He didn’t like my grandson because he had refused to hand over his pocket money and later complained to his mother,” Kuo said, according to the Austrian Times. 

Police are reportedly continuing an investigation into students involved in the incident.

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Sources: Daily Mail, Austrian Times


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