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Students Chant 'Build The Wall' At Latino Kids (Video)

Some students at Royal Oak Middle School in Michigan chanted, "Build the wall!" at Latino kids on Nov. 9, one day after President-elect Donald Trump's victory (video below).

Josie Ramon, a 12-year-old Mexican-American girl, filmed the chant with her cell phone.

"Tears were running down my face," Josie told The Detroit News. "I was so upset. A friend went to the bathroom crying. Everybody was chanting along with it. She was scared. She looked really upset. I felt really bad for her."

"I knew I wanted evidence I could show my mom," Josie added. "It’s so unbelievably wrong. I had no tolerance of it so I recorded it."

Josie's mom, Alicia, shared the video with another parent, and after more shares, the video made its way to Dee Perez-Scott, who posted it on Facebook where it went viral.

Josie has received backlash for filming her fellow students bullying other kids, but she is not backing down: "They need to understand what they’ve done. I think the school needs to take charge."

Royal Oak Police Lt. Keith Spencer said officers came to the school on Nov. 10, and were supposed to be there the entire day.

"We are aware of the video and are monitoring comments on it as it gets shared," Spencer told The Detroit News.

Shawn Lewis-Lakin, Superintendent of Royal Oak Schools, released a statement Nov. 10:

In the incident a small group of students engaged in a brief “build the wall” chant. School personnel in the cafeteria responded when this occurred...

Because of the strong emotions and intensity of rhetoric that the posting of this incident to social media has elicited, we have had families express concern regarding student safety. Know that we work with our partners in law enforcement on responding to any and all threats that have been or will be made involving our students or schools.

In responding to this incident – indeed in responding to this election – we need to hear each other’s stories, not slogans, we need to work towards understanding, not scoring points, and we need to find a way to move forward that respects and values each and every member of our community. We will be working on this in school today. Please work on this with us.

Sources: The Detroit News, Royal Oak Schools / Photo credit: Josie Ramon via YouTube

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