Students Build Car that Gets 358 Miles Per Gallon


Dear Ford and Chevy, if a bunch of teens -- equipped with a lawnmower engine and a pull chord -- can build a car that gets more than 350 miles per gallon, we're going to assume that you're not trying very hard to deliver the most fuel-effective automobile to market.

In Aurora, Missouri a group of students from Aurora Junior High School won first place in a state wide competition, the Missouri SuperMileage Challenge, with a car that gets 358 miles per gallon (calculated from a 10 lap run).

The car has has three small bicycle wheels and starts with a pull cord. A steering column turns the two front wheels.

Aurora SuperMileage Team member Nate Basham said: "We have a four stroke engine. It's hooked up to a gear box."

Aurora SuperMileage Team member Brett Schellen added: "I'm pretty proud of it because it took a long time for us to make it."

According to the Missouri SuperMileage Challenge website:

The 2012 Missouri SuperMileage Challenge featured 8 schools and 10 cars. All 10 cars qualified through inspection making it a succesful trip for everyone.

Aurora Middle School took top honors this year with an average of 352.5893 mpg. School of the Osage took top honors in the experimental class averaging 251.0725 mpg with a pure diesel car.

1st Place - Aurora Middle School - 352.5893 MPG average - Best run of 390.18 MPG
2nd Place - Washington HS - 246.9797 MPG average - Best run of 274.20 MFG
3rd Place - Marshall HS - 134.6593 MPG average - Best run of 141.78 MPG

Here's a video from last year's event:


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