Students Boycott Homecoming Dance Over 'No Grinding' Policy


A high school’s “no grinding” dance policy has led some students to boycott the homecoming dance.

Moline High School issued a letter to parents stating the school is placing a ban on grinding at homecoming.

Grinding is a form of dance where partners bump or rub their bodies against one another, particularly the use of one’s buttocks against another person’s groin area.

The school referred to grinding as “offensive and inappropriate” in the letter, reports WQAD.

Some students did not take the news well and made their own plans for homecoming.

Instead of attending the homecoming dance at Wharton Field House, some students will go to Moline Club for what is being called the “Anti-homecoming Dance.”

“It’s basically the same exact thing, only they get to dance the way they want to and not have to be watched,” said student Savanna Spriet.

Spriet also remarked that grinding is not something you would want to do around your parents, calling it “really inappropriate.”

But some students believe they should have the right to dance in any manner they choose.

“I think it’s kind of dumb, because it’s a celebration for the teens and the high school,” said student Katlyn Lemarie.

Superintendent Dr. David Moyer wants the dance to be an enjoyable experience for everyone, and one that is appropriate for all who decide to attend.

Any student who does not abide by the new policy at the homecoming dance will be removed from the event, reports Vocativ.

An email was sent by the school district to parents regarding the “Anti-homecoming dance.”

“It is important that parents and guardians are aware that the ‘Anti-Homecoming’ dance is not a school-sponsored or school-endorsed activity,” reads the email. “There will be no MHS staff in attendance, and the Moline [s]chool district is not liable for any incident that might occur at this event.”

With the “no grinding” policy, Moline High School joins other schools in the Quad Cities area who already have the ban in place. 

Sources: WQAD 8, Vocativ

Photo Source: Moline High School, My Fox 8


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