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Student Tells Principal He's Disappointed In Him, Gets Arrested (Video)

The arrest of a student at Lake Central High School was caught on video and has quickly gone viral.

Lake Central High School reportedly refused to acknowledge the suicide of a former student. The refusal led students to stage a public protest.

The students believed the school was responsible for acknowledging the former student's death, even though he was not currently enrolled, reports Lake Central News. Previously, they apparently had made an announcement for enrolled students who died. 

School administrators went to the two areas where students were peacefully protesting. They encouraged students to return to class, and said that possible consequences for failing to adhere to this included suspension.

“I went not to rebel or get out of class,” one student told Lake Central News. “I went for Mike. He is one of us and to not stand up for one just like myself would be cowardly of me.”

When the principal arrived at the protest he was greeted with “ohs.” A student then apparently asked the student body to show some respect.

After an observed moment of silence in the room, things changed when the principal spoke to the students. He said he was disappointed in the students, reports The Free Thought Project.

In response, an unnamed student said, “And we’re disappointed in you too.”   Minutes later he was reportedly taken from the room by two police officers.


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