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Student Yells 'I Hit It First' To Couple on Campus; School Hits Her With 5 Conduct Charges

EUGENE, Oregon — A female student who yelled, “I hit it first” from a dormitory window is facing five conduct charges from the University of Oregon (UO).

On June 9, the female student—who wishes to remain anonymous—alleges that she saw a male and female student, neither of whom she knew, walking together outside. The student then yelled to them, “I hit it first.”

Although the student alleges it was a joke, the female of the couple responded by yelling back, “F*** you, B****.” The couple went on to report the student’s comment to the dorm’s Resident Assistant.

The RA located the student and insisted that she apologize for her remark; the student obliged.

The matter, however, was far from over.

On June 13, the student received a “Notice of Allegation” from UO. The letter charged her with five separate conduct violations for the joke. Amongst the violations were harassment, disruption and disorderly conduct, as well as violation of the residence hall’s noise and guest policies.

The College Fix reports that the student has to set up a hearing to determine her innocence or guilt by mid-October.

The student contacted the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) for help.

On August 1, the organization wrote to UO President Michael Gottfredson, calling for the immediate dismissal of all charges against the student.

FIRE also demanded that the school reform its unconstitutional speech policies, particularly its harassment policy, which reportedly contains broad prohibitions on “unreasonable insults”, “gestures” and “abusive words.”

“Using an unconstitutional speech code to punish a student for a joke shows how out of control censorship has become on our campuses in the name of making everyone feel ‘comfortable,’” said FIRE Senior Vice President Robert Shibley.

UO has not responded to FIRE’s August 1 letter; a letter FIRE had written on June 5 has also gone unanswered.

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