Student Who Shared Nude Photos Of Teacher Arrested


The 16-year-old student at Union County High School in South Carolina who allegedly distributed nude photos of his teacher has been arrested.

The teen has been charged with Computer Crimes Act and Aggravated Voyeurism, according to Union Police Chief Sam White, WSPA reports.

The Computer Crimes Act charge stems from the teen accessing personal information on Leigh Anne Arthur’s cell phone without permission. He faces the Aggravated Voyeurism charge for the alleged copying and dissemination of her photographs.

The nude photos taken from Arthur’s phone were found stored on the teenager's phone in a password protected file, along with other photos of a sexual nature.

Arthur, who taught in Union County for 13 years, was forced to resign from her position after the photos were stolen from her cell phone and shared via text message and on social media.

She claims the student stole the photos, which were meant for her husband, while she was out of the classroom.

“He opened up my gallery for my pictures and he found inappropriate pictures of myself and he took pictures from his cell phone of that and then he told the whole class that he would send them to whoever wanted them,” Arthur said.

She said the accused teen warned her that something bad was about to happen.

“The student who actually took my phone and took pictures turned around and told me your day of reckoning is coming,” Arthur said.

Union County School District interim superintendent David Eubanks said it was Arthur’s fault for leaving her phone unlocked, therefore making the inappropriate pictures available to her students, WYFF reports.

Students have started an online petition to reinstate Arthur:

Leigh Anne Arthur is the victim of a blatant attack of her privacy. Personal photographs were illegally obtained by a student and were sent to other students in the school (Union County High). After being escorted off of school property, we (the students) are left to believe that she has been forced to, or given little choice but to resign. Mrs. Arthur has not only shown tremendous dedication to her students, but also the mechatronics program itself, often reaching out to local businesses and colleges to get materials that would not normally be available for the class.

As of March 6, nearly 16,000 people have signed the petition.

According to school district policy, the student should have been expelled, Arthur told WSPA.She does not believe that has happened.

Arthur has chosen to forgive the student.

“He’s 16,” Arthur told WYFF. “He's going to make stupid decisions.  We all make stupid decisions when we’re 16.”

Sources: WSPAWYFF, iPetitions / Photo Source: WYFF

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