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Frat Boy Accused Of Two Rapes Released After One Day

In an alleged rape case that brings to mind the highly publicized story of Brock Turner, a former student at Indiana University had rape charges against him dropped after he pleaded guilty to a lesser charge.  

As with Turner, John P. Enochs was a fraternity member and his alleged victim was unconscious at the time of the incident.

Instead of being charged with two counts of felony rape, Enochs, 22, was charged with misdemeanor battery with moderate bodily injury. As a result, he spent only one day in jail and received one year probation, reports the Daily Mail, citing the local Fox News station.  

According to court records, the “misdemeanor battery with moderate bodily injury” occurred at the Delta Tau Delta frat house in April. The victim was drinking with her friends, went to find a bathroom, and the next thing she knew she was in a room with an unknown man who was having sex with her.

Following the assault, the police were called and she was given a rape kit test. Security cameras revealed Enochs and the woman entering a room together, and the rape kit test revealed that his DNA was present on her body, according to the affidavit.

She later identified Enochs in a line up, according to IndyStar.

In Enochs’ defense, attorney Katharine C. Liell denied the allegation of rape in this case, saying, “I totally believe John has been caught up in a whirlwind of emotion surrounding any allegation involving sexual assault on campus.”

Following the revelations of this case, another alleged victim has come forth, claiming that Enochs raped her on the same campus back in 2013. She, too, claims to have been unconscious when the alleged incident took place.

Enochs’ attorney also vigorously denied those charges, the Daily Mail reports.

Meanwhile, the Indiana University police are investigating two more alleged campus rapes that were reported just this month, notes IndyStar.

Sources: Daily Mail, IndyStar / Photo credit: Monroe County Jail via Daily Mail

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