Student Who Changed Schools To Avoid Bullying Beaten By Three Teens

A 13-year-old Seattle boy who changed schools to get away from bullies was tracked down and violently beaten by his tormentors this week.

The victim, who was not identified, was tracked down by three teens who attacked him as he stepped off a Metro bus in a busy intersection just before 5 p.m. Wednesday.

The three suspects, who went to middle school with the victim last year, were waiting for him. Authorities say he tried to get back on the bus, but the driver allegedly refused to let him on.

“He tried to get back on the bus, was unable. As the bus left, the three boys surrounded him and assaulted him pretty viciously. He suffered, thankfully, minor injuries but we are considering this felony assault at this time,” Seattle police detective Drew Fowler told KCPQ.

The attackers punched the boy and knocked him to the ground, then kicked and stomped his head.

When authorities arrived, the three boys had already fled.

Police have arrested two of the three suspects. They were booked into the Youth Service Center for suspected assault. Investigators are still searching for the third suspect.

Metro Transit says it will investigate the incident. The name of the bus driver has not been released.

“This was a terrible incident and Metro will be working with Seattle Police so we can clearly understand the circumstances,” a Metro Transit spokesman said in a release.

Sources: KOMO, KCPQ

Image credit: Flickr Creative Commons / Seattle Municipal Archives, Wikimedia Commons


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