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Student Takes Picture Of Teacher While He's Not Looking, Pic Immediately Goes Viral (Photo)

A photo of a Massachusetts teacher doing whatever he can to help a student graduate is going viral, reports Western Mass News.

Mr. Tommy Guy is a well-known and well-liked teacher at Central High School in Springfield. He has reportedly helped dozens of students succeed through the school district’s new re-engagement diploma program.

The photo of Guy that has gone viral shows the teacher holding a student’s baby so that she can focus in class. The student he helped, Kimmy Lopez, posted the photo on Facebook along with a caption that said, “Teachers are the real MVP.” The post has been shared over 2,500 times.

“She was a very focused student,” Mr. Tommy Guy said of Lopez. “She knew what she wanted to do, so we wanted to help her the best way we could.”

Lopez was reportedly living in a shelter at the time the photo was taken, and was unable to afford day care. She needed to complete a few more classes to graduate.

Guy said that there was a playpen in the classroom to keep Lopez’s baby entertained during class. 

“He was a piece of cake to be there,” Guy said. “He enjoyed being there, like, he knew his mother was doing something special.”

Dr. Tad Tokarz, the principal of Central High School, said that the photo didn’t surprise him at all. He said it exemplifies who Mr. Guy is as a person and as a teacher.

“Whether it’s going to pick a kid up to come to school or bring somebody home, it’s just something that he does,” Dr. Tokarz said.

See Kimmy Lopez's full post below:

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Sources: Western Mass NewsFacebook / Photo credit: Facebook


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