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Student Suspended For Sharing Photo Of School Issue (Photo)

A Michigan high school suspended a student after she posted a photo of discolored water coming from the sink in her school's bathroom on social media.

Hazel Juco says she took a photo of the water in her school's bathroom after becoming concerned about the color. However, she says she had no clue what it would cost her, according to WXYZ.

Juno shared the photo to her Facebook and Twitter in hopes that the problem would be fixed after enough concern and awareness was raised. 

"I always hope that someone will see it and want to help us," she said. "Because our school obviously doesn't have money."

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Instead, she got a surprise call directing her to head to the office.

"They told me I was being suspended for three days, OSS [Out of School Suspension], for taking picture," the teen said. "And everyone in my school, every girl takes, like, selfies in the bathroom and makes it their profile picture on Twitter or Facebook or whatever. No one has gotten in trouble."

Although the school has a policy against photos being taken in its bathrooms, Juno says she felt she was being singled out for raising awareness about the school's problem. 

In response, dozens of Juco's friends shared photos they had taken of themselves in the school's bathroom for which they were not punished.

WXYZ contacted the superintendent of the school, Dr. Michele Harmala, who said she looked into the issue and found out that school administrators never reported the plumbing issue to maintenance. She said a plumber was called immediately to come fix the problem.

Dr. Harmala said the school's policy against bathroom photos is to prevent inappropriate photos from being taken, not photos of school issues.

"The punishment is inappropriate," the superintendent said. "I am going to make sure the out of school suspension is expunged from the student's record."

Harmala says students who notice a building issue or a maintenance problem they feel has been ignored are encouraged to report the problem to school administrators directly.

Sources: WXYZ / Photo Credit: WXYZ

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