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Student Suspended For Picture Of Gun And Batteries Believed To Be Bullets

A Missouri high school student was sent home after some people believed that items in a picture he downloaded were a gun and ammo.

According to reports, the high school student in Sikeston, Missouri downloaded a picture of a gun to his iPad and also had two batteries with the labels torn off. When the picture was downloaded, students complained to authorities.

Soon after, officials at Sikeston High School suspended the student for causing a disturbance when people believed he had a gun and ammo.

“Rumors of an 11th grader having a gun at school are false,” said the Sikeston Department of Public Safety in a Facebook post. “Yesterday a High school student downloaded a photo of a gun on his iPad. He also had two batteries with the labels torn off. The batteries were mistaken for bullets. The student was suspended for disrupting the class. All rumors of guns or fake guns at school are completely false. Everyone can stand down.”

It’s not clear for how long and if the student is still suspended.

Sources: The Blaze, KFVS 12 News


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