High School Student Suspended Just Before Graduation Because Of Her Outfit

Evette Reay showed up to her last day of school at West Side High School in Dayton, Idaho, wearing a mint green dress that came to just above the knee. "It was my last day of school. I wanted to feel good about myself," Reay told ABC8. "I was fixing to be a woman in this world that was conquering anything.”

The senior’s dress turned out to be a serious problem for the school’s administration. Reay’s teacher, Legrand Leavitt, reportedly told her to go home and change her dress. Evette refused and Leavitt threatened to call the superintendent and hold her diploma for insubordination. 

"I felt that was very threatening and out of line for the teacher,” Reay said.

Reay called her mother, Michelle Reay, and asked her to bring a change of clothes but when Michelle arrived, she learned her daughter had been suspended. 

Leavitt, principal Tyler Telford, Michelle and Reay had a conference, where Leavitt claimed Reay was rude and aggressive when he said her dress was too short.

Michelle said she understands that her daughter’s dress might have been inappropriate, but she felt that the school failed to handle the situation properly.

"It was very hard for a mother, I have watched my daughter for four years of high school put her all into her education," Michelle said.

West Side High School's handbook states that if a student violates the dress code, he or she can call home for a change of clothing — as Reay did — or the school can provide clothing.

"They took me to the extreme and (told me) you're suspended,” Reay said. "I realize I told you no, but after I talked to my school board member about that, he was like, 'You had every right to say no.’"

Telford and Leavitt both declined to comment, but school board trustee Dan Garner is trying to remove Reay’s suspension from her record.

Sources: ABC 8, Seventeen Magazine

Image via ABC 8


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