Student Suspended For Carrying A Bent Paper Clip

A Reddit user recently posted about his friend’s son being suspended from school for possessing a weapon. Now, the incident has sparked an online debate.

Posted in Reddit is a picture of the school suspension notice his friend's son received. In it, the teacher described the incident in which the student was found to have a bent paper clip in his pocket that school officials deemed a potential weapon.

“Sean was brought to the office by a staff member who reported that Sean had a sharp object on him in his right pocket,” reads the discipline report. “When asked what he had in his pocket he reported he did not have anything. When asked to empty his pockets he refused. After several minutes Sean emptied his pockets. The contents of his pockets included a cell phone, pen cap, and paper clip. The paperclip was bent in a manner that could allow for use as a weapon.”

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Since the picture of the report was posted online, people have been undeniably outraged that the child was suspended for having a paper clip.

“I think it's ridiculous,” said one user. “Instead of focusing all this energy on non-weapons, let's put our energy into stopping kids from getting their hands on real weapons.”

“Better take all staplers out of class, no pencils,” said another user. “A teacher should be smarter than her students. If I had a child in school and this happened, home schooling immediately.”

Do you think the school went too far by suspending the student for having a paper clip?

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