Student Barred From Graduation For Wearing ICE Hat (Photo)


A high school senior says that he was suspended from school and barred from attending his graduation ceremony after wearing an Immigration and Customs Enforcement hat to school.

Jacob Labosky attends Bellarmine College Preparatory High School in San Jose, California. He told Young America's Foundation that a day after wearing the hat on school grounds, he was approached by members of the school's Latino Student Union. According to Labosky, the students verbally accosted him in a profanity-laden tirade while wearing shirts that said "Deport Trump" and "Duck Trump." They called his hat "offensive" and eventually took it from him and brought it to the school's assistant dean, Patrick Talesfore.

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Labosky says that Talesfore pulled him from class and began loudly berating him in front of his peers as they were walking through the halls. Talesfore reportedly called Labosky "racist," "ignorant" and an "idiot," saying that the hat was meant to "incite fear."

Labosky was sent home "for others to recover and for his own safety."

Once back home, Labosky decided to vent his frustration via Snapchat, taking a picture of himself wearing the hat. "Hat triggers snowflakes," he captioned the photo. "Sent home, not suspended to let them recover and to ‘protect’ me. Support the agencies that keep us safe and protect our freedoms i.e. not just ICE."

YAF reports that once the Bellarmine administration found about Labosky's Snapchat comments, the school moved to expel him. Labosky and his mother appealed the motion and were successfully able to reduce his punishment to a suspension, although he will also be barred from attending his high school graduation ceremony.

According to Labosky, another person in the community falsely told the University of Portland, which Labosky will attend next year, that he was expelled.

School officials also demanded a written apology from Labosky, saying that that his behavior was "dividing the community."

Bellarmine officials have yet to publicly comment on the case.

On Feb. 3, a similar incident occurred in which a student from Bakersfield, California was suspended for wearing a hood in the style of the Ku Klux Klan. According to the New York Daily News, students started taking photos of the girl to bring national attention to the incident.

"I started Snapchatting it because that was terrible. I did not like that one bit," said student Aidan Reed. "I had hoped that it would blow up...I think that people should realize it’s not a joke."

Sources: Young American Foundation, New York Daily News / Photo Credit: Jacob Labosky/Snapchat via YAF

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