Student Spends $30,000 Covering Her Mercedes In Crystals (Photos)


A Russian business student living in the United Kingdom spent $30,000 recently to cover her Mercedes CLS 350 in glass crystals. The student, Daria Radionova, brought workers over from Russia who for months labored 12 hours a day to complete the project.

“I wanted to do something unique and special,” Radionova told Mirror. “I am really happy with it and am looking forward to driving it around. It has only just been finished and everywhere I go people stop to have a look at it.”

Passing pedestrians seem to like the car, too. A number of people have taken to social media in recent days to post pictures of the sparkling car. Radionova is worried the car might even be fetching a little too much attention.

“It gets a lot of attention from people walking by and in cars,” she says. “Sometimes I think they might crash. Everyone is taking pictures of it.”

Here are some pictures of Radionova’s shiny toy, courtesy of Alex Penfold and SWNS:

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Source: Mirror, SWNS


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