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'He's Not Taking The Shirt Off': School Sends Student Home For Wearing Gun Shirt

Colton Heberling, a student at Cudahy High School in Wisconsin, was recently sent home for wearing a sweatshirt with two guns drawn on it and the words “Respect” and “Smith & Wesson."

Heberling told the Wisconsin Daily Independent that none of his teachers objected to his gun shirt, but was informed by school administrator Phil Martel that he had to turn his gun sweatshirt inside-out or leave the school.

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Heberling called his father, Tiger, who came to the school and spoke to principal Christopher Haeger, who reportedly said the sweatshirt had to come off.

Tiger told EAGnews that he said to Haeger, “No, he’s not taking the shirt off. It has nothing to do with what’s offensive at all.”

Tiger also claimed that Haeger called the shirt a “weapon."

Heberling's father said it's up to his son to decide whether or not he wants to wear the sweatshirt, but the pro-gun dad added that he is considering legal options.

Sources: Wisconsin Daily Independent, EAGnews


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