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18-Year-Old Sells Virginity To Pay For School, Family

18-Year-Old Sells Virginity To Pay For School, Family Promo Image

An 18-year-old student from Italy is selling her virginity for over 1 million dollars on an escort site. She hopes to use the money to buy her parents a house and fund part of her education.

The part-time model, whom Metro reports goes by the pseudonym Nicola, decided to auction off her virginity after breaking up with a much older man.

"I decided when I was 16 that my virginity was precious," she told The Sun. "I would only lose my virginity to the man I love and the man I want to marry in the future. [My ex] told me he wanted to stay with me all my life, that he loved me, and that he wanted to have a family with me but I was only 16 and I was scared so I split up with him."

Nicola aspires to attend the University of Cambridge in the U.K., so she started to think of ways in which she could afford tuition.

"...I came across a series of auction adverts and found there were girls who had sold themselves for [$4.3 million] so I decided I would do the same when I turned 18."

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Nicola put her advertisement on Elite Models VIP, a distinct entity from the Elite Models agency in the U.K. The site states that it provides "exclusive international escorts" and "a luxury escort service for selective gentlemen worldwide."

There are at least five virgins on the website, but Nicola is said to be the highest in demand. She has reportedly received bids of $1.2 million.

While Nicola admits that she is nervous, she believes that any man who would pay so much will be a nice person.

"I'm sure we will have a great time together," she says.

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A doctor will verify Nicola's virginity before she has sex with the highest bidder. She says that if she does not "get on well" with him, she will be able to choose another man.

Despite wanting to spend much of the money on them, Nicola says that her family is unaware of her advertisement.

"I don’t want my parents to know about this because they are very strict and they wouldn’t approve and even my friends don’t know anything about it," she said. "My family would be destroyed if they knew.  If they discover one day I will talk to them and hopefully they will understand."

Selling virginity is not as rare a practice as it may seem, and for some women it can be quite lucrative.

According to the Daily Mail, a former Christian school student auctioned off her virginity at Nevada's Moonlight Bunny Ranch. The 23-year-old did not reveal how high bids are climbing, but the Bunny Ranch will keep half the profits.

In another instance, a 19-year-old model said she sold her virginity for close to $3 million through a German escort website. The winning bid came from an Abu Dhabi businessman, while the second-highest reportedly came from a Hollywood actor.

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