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Student Samantha Berstler Opposes Harvard's 'Incest-Fest' Dance

Harvard University will be hosting its “Incest-Fest,” an annual hook-up dance to be held at the university’s Kirkland House dormitory later this year.

The event is only open to male and female members of Kirkland House, reports

Harvard’s official student newspaper, The Crimson, described the event: "You’ll spend all of Secret Santa week watching underclad men gyrating in the dining hall and figuring out who you’ll hook up with at Incest Fest."

"House life is incredibly close-knit, bordering on downright incestuous. But there’s more to Kirkland than raunchy dining hall skits and regrettable hook-ups."

Samantha Berstler, who is a resident in the Kirkland House, wrote an op-ed in the The Crimson claiming that the party’s name is "offensive and insensitive."

Berstle wrote: "The name ‘Incest-Fest’ is not sexy or cute or clever."

A spokesperson for Harvard University did not provide comment.


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