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Student Arrested For Purposely Infecting Roommate (Photos)

Student Arrested For Purposely Infecting Roommate (Photos) Promo Image

A former student at Connecticut's University of Hartford has been arrested and could face hate crime charges after she allegedly infected her roommate by licking her utensils and rubbing used tampons on her backpack.

Brianna Rae Brochu, 18, was arrested after her former roommate, Channel Rowe, posted a lengthy video to Facebook that described how she had been constantly sick since moving in with Brochu. 

Brochu has been charged with breach of peace and criminal mischief. West Hartford Police have asked a judge to add the charge of intimidation based on bigotry or bias, according to the Hartford Courant. 

Rowe, who is black, reportedly told police that she felt "ostracized" by Brochu and had asked the university for a room change. 

When Brochu learned Rowe was leaving, she took to Instagram to brag about forcing her roommate out. 

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"Finally did it yo girl got rid of her roommate!!" Brochu's post read, according to The Root. "After 1 1/2 month of spitting in her coconut oil, putting moldy clam dip in her lotions, rubbing used tampons [on] her backpack, putting her toothbrush places where the sun doesn't shine and so much more I can finally say goodbye to Jamaican Barbie."

Brochu later confessed to licking Rowe's utensils and rubbing used tampons on Rowe's backpack, but told police that any other claims in the Instagram post were lies to "appear funny."

In her Facebook video, Rowe says she took Brochu's post to the university and filed a police report, but the school only asked her to sign a "no contact agreement," requiring her to avoid Brochu. 

Unsatisfied with the school's handling of the situation, Rowe posted her video, in which she explains how she had suffered from persistent throat pain since moving in with Brochu. 

"While I've been here, I've been getting sick," Rowe said in the video. "It started with throat pain. I though maybe because it's colder up here, I'm just probably catching a cold ... It got to the point where I had extreme throat pain where I couldn't sleep, to the point where I couldn't speak. Like, I'd try to whisper and I could barely whisper."

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Since Rowe posted her video, Brochu has been arrested and expelled from the college. 

"It is clear there is work to be done at our University to ensure that all students feel safe, respected, and valued," university President Greg Woodward said in a statement, according to The Root. "The conversations that began with student groups, faculty, and staff yesterday are going to continue and involve our full community."

Sources: Hartford Courant, The Root / Featured Image: Rybread/Wikimedia Commons / Embedded Images: West Hartford Police Department via The Root, Channel Rowe/Instagram

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