Student Richard Railey Trying to Establish "White Student Union" On College Campus


A man who attends a Texas community college is trying to establish a "White Student Union," after arguing that all of the nonwhite students get "special treatment" and that white culture is being "erased."

Richard Railey, 57, started handing out flyers around Tarrant County College a week ago telling other students about his group. He also held an informational meeting in a cafeteria.

He said that at least 20 students are interested in joining it, but only eight have signed a petition urging the school to recognize it.

Railey came up with the group after he realized that white people need encouragement to celebrate their culture. He also believes it will help fight affirmative action.

"They've left out all the white guys," he said of images on the college's website. "We seem to be systematically being erased from all the images on campus computers and newspapers."

A Facebook page was set up for the group, as well as a blog. In the blog, he refers to the group as "an ethnocentric student club open to all current and former students in Tarrant County as well as others interested in promoting white awareness."

He's not only urging the school to make the group official, he's also trying to convince them to recognize a "white history month," where students would be shown "pro-white films, dance and music from our many original white ethnic European home countries and discussion groups of the ethics and values that characterize much of our white identity such as strong family values, belief in limited government and individual achievement and personal responsibility."

On the blog, he also posted a video of a man who calls himself "RamzPaul." In the video, RamzPaul gives a pro-white monologue.

"We are the Americans who get attacked by flash mobs because of our race," RamzPaul said. "We are the generation of Americans who faces formal job and education discrimination and yet we are expected to apologize for our supposed privilege."

"We have stopped embracing or celebrating your notion of diversity. We turn off your Marxist televised propaganda…this is our new declaration of independence."

Though Railey has been pushing for the school to recognize his group, he is facing tough opposition.

"I honestly could not believe this was happening at our meeting," president of the student government association Nathan Cooper said, after Railey introduced his club. 

It seems Railey took the idea from a group of students at Towson University in Maryland. 

The group, founded in 2012, faces continuous scrutiny and is also called a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

It is said to consist of 50 members. It recently stirred up controversy after it began nighttime patrols of the campus to "fend off black predators." This action caused hundreds of students and faculty to lash out in a protest rally last week.

Last month, it also made headlines, after they defended the institution of slavery at the Conservative Political Action Conference. 

On his blog, Railey gives links forwarding visitors to the Towson group. He said he is following in the footsteps of their group leader, Matt Heimbach.

Sources: Star-Telegram,Collegian


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