Student Reveals What She Really Thinks About Graduating From High School In Yearbook (PHOTO)

Graduation season has arrived- the perfect time to celebrate the achievements of students as they move on to the next phase of their lives.

It is also a time for seniors to reminisce on their experiences and think about how they want to be remembered by their fellow classmates.

Yearbooks are a way to document and immortalize students’ school experiences. Quotes from graduating students are a time-honored tradition. Flipping through an old yearbook as an adult can spark nostalgia as one relives their younger days.

For others, it presents the perfect opportunity to express their honest, and sometimes unpleasant, feelings.

For one student in particular, the yearbook quote provided her the opportunity to remind her classmates what literally happens when you graduate from high school, the Huffington Post notes.

Cici_me posted the following photo on Reddit taken from a yearbook page:

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Sources: Huffington Post, Reddit


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