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Student Reportedly Had Sex With A Sheep Because Of Exam-Related Stress

The Fresno State student who was arrested for sexually assaulting a sheep reportedly did so because he was stressed over exams.

In what is being referred to on campus as the “sheep incident,” a computer engineering student allegedly had sexual intercourse with a school-owned sheep and is now facing sexual assault charges towards an animal.

Opposing Views previously reported that the student initially told police he went to the barn to wrestle with the animals, and then changed his statement to say he was going to beat and punch the sheep to blow off stress from midterms.

The intoxicated student was caught with his pants down in the barn, and the real reason he was there was soon revealed: he was having sex with a sheep.

The sheep is currently being monitored by a veterinarian, reports ABC7.

The shock students are feeling over the animal’s sexual assault has not diminished.

"It's just kind of disgusting and revolting and personally makes me angry, I mean why would you do that?” said Marisa Burkdoll, who oversees the care and survival of the horses on campus.

Burkdoll heard about the sheep assault through social media.

"There was a post that said something about the sheep unit at Fresno State and some guy was trying to have sex with the lambs," said Burkdoll.

The “sheep incident” became popular on social media, and a Twitter handle for ‘Fresno State Sheep’ was created @FresnoStSheep.

One particular tweet parodied the “no means no” rape slogan by stating, “Baaaa means baaaa,” reports

Another tweet read, “a story that would make you go ‘ewe’”.

The student has been released from jail after being charged with sexual assault of an animal at Fresno County Jail. Whether he will be expelled, or face disciplinary action, at Fresno State is unknown.

If the handlers of the @FresnoStSheep have their way, the student will face more than expulsion, as stated in a recent tweet: "Expulsion is not enough. #Justice #Baaameansbaaa"

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