Student Records Alleged Bullying By Substitute Teacher (Video)

A special needs Chicago student at Streamwood High School recorded a video of his substitute teacher allegedly assisting a classmate with an act of bullying toward him.

The student, Stephen Davis, 15, recorded the incident and his family posted it to YouTube to “demonstrate their outrage,” reports CBS Chicago.

In the video, the camera records a writable computer screen that has a cartoon-like picture drawn on it showing a face with buck teeth, hairy ears, bloodshot eyes, a runny nose, a scar, and tentacles, with the name Stephen misspelled as “Stepen.”

As time passes in the video, the name is scribbled out and the text re-written to say, “Stephen’s ugly a**.”

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Davis alleges that the substitute teacher drew the harmful picture and wrote the accompanying disruptive text on the electronic blackboard in the front of the classroom, which copies to the monitor that he filmed in the video.

Students in the video can be heard correcting the teacher for the misspelling of Davis' name. 

“I was literally livid and embarrassed,” Davis said. “Everyone was standing there pointing at me, laughing, (while) I'm on the verge of tears.”

Davis has encountered bullying his entire life because of his weight — 330 pounds — but he said he has “always learned to just move along," treating it as "basically background noise."

However, he has had enough of the bullying and has shown the video to school administers, reports The Daily Mail.

“No other family should have to go through this suffering. This is unimaginable,” said Davis.

The video was also posted to Facebook on a page dedicated to school district happenings by Davis’ sister to make people aware.

“It's humiliating, and no one should ever have to go through that, and just the fact that it was a teacher makes it even worse,” said Brianna Davis. “No one should do this to anyone, let alone a child.”

The video has been reviewed by the district, according to John Heiderscheidt, the district’s coordinator of safety and security.

“We've reviewed the posting on Facebook and are examining any evidence or statements regarding the incident and anybody who might be involved,” Heiderscheidt said.

The substitute teacher has been suspended.

Sources: The Daily Mail, CBS Chicago / Photo Source: The Daily Mail


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