Student in Philippines Dies After Taking A Selfie


A high school girl died Monday morning after taking selfies with her friends and falling off a tall flight of stairs at Rizal High School in the Philippines.

The 14-year-old student started to feel dizzy while she was taking the pictures and then hit her head when she fell from the stairs, said Mario Razisa, senior superintendent of Pasig City Police.

Razisa said the accident occurred while most students were in class and a teacher was not present for the fall, according to the Inquirer.

After the student fell, she was taken to the school clinic and then to a local hospital, where she was pronounced dead.

The student’s family has asked school officials to further look into the incident because they are not certain their daughter died from the fall. According to a police report, the student had injuries to her head and a broken rib.

Source: The Inquirer


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