Student Op-Ed: ‘Please Wake Up And Realize’ That Rape Happens When You Drink


An op-ed in Southern Methodist University’s student-run newspaper regarding rape notes that until victims begin taking some of the blame, "women will never learn that there is a way to help prevent" sexual assault.

SMU student Kirby Wiley wrote in The Daily Campus about the uptick of “alleged sexual assaults” at the Dallas school.

“Of course the perpetrators are the ones responsible for the crimes, but to solve the problem they can’t be the only ones taking blame,” she wrote.

She argued that if “the media continues to place all the blame of the perpetrator, young college women will never learn that there is a way to help prevent these kinds of acts.”

“The best way for women to prevent these assaults from happening to them is to never drink so much that they cannot control themselves or remember what happened the next day," she wrote.

She argued that women are the ones who must remain in control while drinking alcohol.

“If women quit putting themselves in situations where they appear vulnerable, it will be much less likely for men to try and take advantage of them,” she added.

Wiley said that if media would report that these rape victims were “too intoxicated” women in college would understand that they must refrain from drinking.

“The news has not reported once that the victim was too intoxicated,” she wrote, “but solely concentrates on the details of the perpetrators.”

If a woman doesn’t “want to give up over drinking” she needs to have a “game plan” with her friends so they will protect her if she appears vulnerable.

Wiley said she doesn’t want the news to stop reporting on perpetrators of these crimes because “offenders deserve to have their faces on the news,” but preventing future crimes is of the “upmost [sic] importance.”

“So media, please help prevent future victims of sexual assault and rape by reporting the other side of these cases," she concluded. "and young women, please wake up and realize that the majority of these incidents happen when the victims are intoxicated."

Sources: CNN, The Daily Campus


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