Student Nurse's Instagram Pictures Gets Her Banned From Hospital


Russian student nurse Gulnaz Yalalova, 20, is facing expulsion after uploading pictures of herself to social media holding a patient’s organs during operation.

In one image, Yalalova can be seen holding a spleen at a hospital in Kazan, 500 miles east of Moscow. She also uploaded a picture of a teenager with a seriously injured hand who had fallen from an apartment building.

Yalalova uploaded the images to her Instagram and revealed personal information about the patient in the comment section. In one comment, Yalalova explained that the girl was in terrible condition, then called her a “schizo [who] weighs over 275lbs."

“Well now I see why she did it,” one Instagram user replied.

After the images were found, Yalalova was banned from the hospital and could now potentially be kicked out of school.

“Of course she will never come back here for medical practice,” Regional Clinical Hospital director Rustem Gaifullin said. “It is a matter of choosing people as medics of the future. The medical college must understand this.”

Sergei Petrushin, a psychology lecturer at Kazan University, said that Yalalova’s actions were a result of emotional and social immaturity. He added that although her age suggests she’s an adult, she doesn’t understand ethical boundaries. Petrushin also noted that this is a general problem among the current generation of youth.

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