Student Melanie Conn Wrapped Head to Toe with Saran Wrap by Bullies

Junior high student Melanie Conn was recently wrapped from head to toe in plastic Saran Wrap by two boys as she waited at the bus stop last week in Ormond Beach, Florida, reports the NY Daily News.

The two boys placed so much Saran Wrap around Conn's body that she couldn’t move her arms. Conn told WKMG-TV: "It was kind of scary, but then, shocking at the same time."

Conn's mother told WKMG-TV: “It’s childish; it’s at the same time very scary. This isn’t a joke. This could have become very serious, if they would have had a little bit more and no one had been able to get it off of her.”

The mother of one of the bullies said: “He’s been harassed all the other school years. That’s why I don’t understand why he’s doing it.”

Both boys were suspended for 10 days, but Conn's mother is upset that the school did not anything sooner, even after a school employee on the bus heard the boys taunt Melanie in the past.


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