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‘A Student' Lauren Green Denied Right To Walk At Graduation

A Texas teen has lost a lawsuit she filed against her school district and will not be walking at her graduation, despite the fact she is at the top of her class.

Lauren Green, 18, filed a lawsuit against the McKinney Independent School District alleging that she and a group of her friends were improperly sent home from prom for supposedly drinking alcohol. As punishment, Green and her friends have to attend a disciplinary alternative school and will be forced to miss graduation.

Green claims she was "never addressed individually [by administrators], nor ever afforded an opportunity to take a breathalyzer" at the prom to prove she had not been drinking, Yahoo reported.

Collin County District Court Judge Mark Rusch dismissed Green's lawsuit saying the court could only address a school punishment that involved a student who was expelled or denied a diploma.

Green's attorney, Julie Krenek, was understandably upset with the decision.

"Obviously if the court doesn't have any jurisdiction over this, who else is going to overlook the McKinney Independent School District when they're shafting a bunch of kids?" Krenek said.

Mari McGowan, an attorney for the district, said students are warned about staying out of trouble before graduation.

"This district in particular makes it very clear to seniors, 'Guys, finish strong. You want to finish strong because graduation is coming and we don't want any mistakes to keep you from walking,'" McGowan said.

According to McGowan, the district is doing everything in its power to protect Green’s academic record.

"The district has made sure she's gotten all her assignments, that she's able to complete all her courses, take her exams, complete all of her course work and will not be harmed in any way academically," McGowan said. "This is a function of not participating on the day of graduation."

She added: "We are not depriving the student of graduating. Certainly it is unfortunate because this is an outstanding kid. She's a great kid, but even great kids make a mistake once in a while.”

Sources: Yahoo, WFAA


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