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Student Kills Chicken as Part of Performance Art Piece, Instructor Gets Fired

The teacher of a student who killed a chicken at a college as part of a performance arts piece has been fired, but is planning to mount an appeal.

Miguel Michelena Suarez killed the chicken in the cafeteria of Alberta College of Art and Design in Calgary, Canada. 

He was the student of art instructor Gordon Ferguson, who taught at the school for 32 years. 

Suarez killed the chicken by bringing it into the cafeteria, cutting its throat, and letting it bleed out into a metal pot. 

Though many of the students in the cafeteria were eating chicken, and it is likely that many chicken were prepped in the cafeteria, his peers were disgusted by the act and even called the police. 

Authorities launched an investigation, including a chalk outline of where the chicken died. They ultimately decided it was not a crime.

"I underestimated the level of disconnect people had between what they eat and how it's processed and how it comes to the table," Suarez said. "The message got lost."

One of the students, Joanne Townsend, who was also in the class, said it was part of a project called Fact or Fiction.

"It was quite beautiful," she said. "And not in the gross, gruesome way, but in the way that you know you respect what's happening and this is life and things go on."

Although police determined it wasn't a crime to kill the chicken, ACAD authorities thought otherwise, and dismissed the instructor. 

Many are confused as to why the instructor was fired, as he did not instruct his students to go out and kill animals.

Sources: Inquisitr, MacLeans


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