Student Joseph Corlett Suspended for 'Hot For Teacher' Essay

College student Joseph Corlett, 56, was suspended for three semesters from Oakland University for writing an essay entitled 'Hot for Teacher' about his attraction to his professor.

The essay, based on the Van Halen hit, was part of a class assignment in Advanced Critical Writing.

 Corlett wrote: "She walks in, and I say to myself, ‘Drop, mother (expletive), drop.’ Christ, I’ll never learn a thing. Tall, blond, stacked, skirt, heels, fingernails, smart, articulate, smile. I’m toast, but I stay."

Corlett said the assignment directions were to write creatively about any topic. In his writings Corlett referred to his professor as “my Ginger,” a character from 'Gilligan’s Island.'

Corlett was suspended following a ruling from a hearing committee composed of Oakland University administrators, staff and students. Corlett was not found guilty of sexual harassment, but was found guilty of intimidating behavior.

Corlett is required to seek psychological counseling if he wants to re-enroll this fall. Corlett appealed the decision and is allowed to continue his two online classes pending the outcome.

Corlett told the Oakland Press: “I never experienced an interest in having sex with her. Never. She’s attractive, but I see a lot of women who are attractive. That doesn’t mean I want to have sex with them."

If the vice president of the university chooses not to overrule the decision to suspend him, Corlett and his lawyer Brian Vincent plan to prepare for a lawsuit, citing First Amendment rights.

"Guys have died on the battlefield so I can write naughty things in my English paper," Cortlett added.


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