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U.S. Student Rescued From Huge Vagina Sculpture At German University

Let’s be honest: any university that puts a giant vagina sculpture on campus is asking for trouble. 19-year-olds are not exactly renowned for their maturity on sexual issues. Germany’s Tubingen University learned that last week when a student crawled inside a vagina sculpture at the school and got himself stuck.

The student, an unnamed American exchange student, was allegedly dared to crawl inside the 32-ton sculpture by his peers. He made it in safely, but getting out of the cradle of civilization proved to be a bit more difficult.

The student’s legs got stuck in a small opening at the bottom of the sculpture, and 22 firefighters and several paramedics had to be called to the school to pull him out.

One student at the school, Erick Guzman, witnessed the embarrassing event and took pictures for the rest of us.

“I was there!!!” Guzman said in an Imgur post. "He just wanted to take a funny picture. The fire department was not really amused, and he was really embarrassed."

Here is Guzman’s picture of the student seemingly reenacting his birth:

Image placeholder title

Sources: Stuff.NZ, The Guardian


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